Arabic Translation Services for Marketing & PR companies

Do you have a PR or marketing text in Arabic and want it professionally translated into English for your English-speaking prospective clients? You are in the right place!

At Loghat Arabic Translation, we provide bespoke and cost-efficient Arabic to English translation services for marketing and PR bussinesses and companies. 

We translate all types of marketing and PR material accurately and professionally - from Arabic to English and English to Arabic.

Whether it is a promotional advertisement, a marketing blurb, or publicity campaign material, we have the right expert Arabic-English translators who will translate your text seamlessly into the target language to a very high standard.

Our translators will maintain the tone and style of the original text so that the translation remains suitable for your target audience.

All our translators are bilingual speakers of Arabic and English with field-specific expertise. 

Marketing and PR translation assignments are paired with a translator with at least 10 years’ experience in the Arabic-to-English or English-to-Arabic translation of marketing & PR texts. 

Our Arabic translation services are professional, idiomatic and specialist and – above all – affordably priced

We also ensure fast turnaround times for all translations we provide, without affecting the quality of our service. 

We – at Loghat Arabic Translation – are proud to have translated hundreds of documents from Arabic to English and English to Arabic in the area of marketing and PR alone. 

We consistently achieve 100% customer satisfaction with our Arabic translation services, thanks to our top quality translations, experienced editors, stringent quality control, and excellent customer care.

What do we offer?

    • Experienced bilingual translators with expertise and subject matter knowledge
    • Free sample (up to 200 words) and instant free quote
    • 24 hours customer support and assistance
    • Affordable prices starting from £60 per 1,000 words


Accuracy in all our translations is a priority: we render the original meaning of the text faithfully, idiomatically, and without any distortion. Inaccurate translations can have grave consequences, So as a professional Arabic translation services provider, our translation of your document, whether it is in Arabic or English, will retain the exact meaning of the original.

Quality & Specialism

We provide only English to Arabic and Arabic to English translations. We concentrate exclusively on Arabic-English language pair, which enables us to be among the most reliable Arabic translation service providers in the UK, the US, and around the world.  Over 90% of our business comes through word of mouth and recommendations. 

Our translators

We employ very experienced bilingual translators with a minimum of 10 years' experience in translation between Arabic and English. Our translators hold appropriate academic qualifications and have produced excellent translations into both languages. We never use software such as Google Translate, and all English to Arabic translations and vice versa are performed by human Arabic translators.

Fast delivery times

We are committed to delivering efficient service and within short turnaround times. Although the delivery time depends on how complex and long the text is, we typically translate up to 3,000 words in 24 hours, but if you have a query about specific delivery times, please write to us.

We guarantee our speedy delivery service will have no impact on quality, which remains our top priority. We also offer an express service on request.

How do we translate your document?

Both the Arabic and English languages are particularly rich and are filled with a variety of meanings. Consequently, this creates problems for machine translation software tools or programs when attempting to replace the need for the human brain.

Therefore, as a professional Arabic translation services provider, all of our work is performed manually by well-qualified linguists and translators. As a result of this, electronic translation tools, such as Google Translate, however advanced they may be, are unable to capture the heart and soul of the written text or its refinement. Therefore, we never use such tools.

As well as depending on the human brain to translate, we guarantee that every request or assignment for translation is given to the most appropriate translator, according to each translator’s specialisation and native language as relevant to the target language.

This enables us to guarantee that your assignment is managed by a specialist professional translator with appropriate and thorough expertise who maintains the optimal values of faithfulness, accuracy and idiomatic language.

Upon completion, we send the translation to a senior translator editor to be reviewed and finally checked in order to ensure that it is an excellent rendering of the original text whether it is Arabic or English.

Quality Assurance

We operate a three-stage quality assurance mechanism:

Stage 1: We send the English or Arabic text to a translator who has the experience most relevant to that text. We also consider the translator’s familiarity with a particular dialect or accent when allocating assignments.

Stage 2: On completion of the translation, the translator checks it meticulously in order to guarantee that nothing has been lost in translation.

Stage 3:  After the translator is totally satisfied with this second check, we allocate the translation to a reviewer who checks it again to ensure clarity and accuracy with the original, and also to maintain the idiomatic meaning.

How to order?

We are keen to make things as easy and smooth as possible for our clients. 

1- Simply, email us the text or document you need to have translated to

2- State your preferred deadline and any specific instructions you would like the translator to be aware of while they are doing the task.

3- We will aim to respond within 2 hours at the latest with all details.

Want to test our quality first for free? Send us a sample of 100 words of your text!

Why our Arabic Translation Services?

1. Expert and Professional: Our Arabic translation services are performed manually - from start to end - by expert translators and linguists with a minimum of 10 years' experience.

2. Affordable: We apply a fair pricing policy whereby we provide our excellent quality Arabic translation services for prices that are affordable to all of our clients.

3Fast Delivery: Without any impact whatsoever on quality, we are well positioned and staffed to complete our translation assignments within fast turnaround times.

4. Quality Control: Before the delivery of any task to our clients, ALL our translated texts are proofread/edited by professional native speakers of the target language, whether Arabic or English.

5. Secure & Confidential: Once you have received your translation from us, and are happy with it, we will - subject to your approval - remove it altogether from our systems and computers for confidentiality reasons. We apply a very strict client confidentiality policy.

6. Free Sample: We are perhaps the only Arabic translation services provider that offers a free 100-word translation sample option to new clients.

7. 24/7 Customer Support: We appreciate how time can be of a highly significant value to our clients, so we try our best to be always available to immediately answer any questions or enquiries you may have at any stage up to the completion of the assignment to your satisfaction.

We accept payments via PayPal and bank transfer


Thank you for the great Arabic English translation service you gave me.

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I really appreciate your Arabic translation services. Just perfect.

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The Loghat Translation team indeed give the best quality Arabic to English translation services out there. Having rewrite my document, it now looks perfect.

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I highly recommend the Loghat Translation for their medical arabic translation services which are really excellent.

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I searched a lot until I found this legal Arabic translation services provider. Honestly, the best quality you can find in the market. Highly recommend.

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I have tried many agencies for Arabic translation services, but these guys are really some of the best in the market. Certainly recommend for anyone who needs Arabic to English translation services or vice versa.
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