Bilingual Arabic-English translators

Bilingual Arabic-English translators

Translating a text from the Arabic language into the English language or the other way round is not an easy task. 

This is because both languages are quite rich and involve a myriad of intricacies.

What most Arabic translation services companies do across the world now is basically give a text that is written in English to a native Arabic speaker to translate it into Arabic, their mother tongue. They think by doing so that they are doing the right that will ensure a perfect Arabic translated text. 

These Arabic translation service providers also do the same thing, which is give an Arabic-language text to a native Arabic speaker to translate it into English. 

It is no wonder that the standard of Arabic translation services has been affected by this way of operating. 

Many complain that nowadays there is hardly any Arabic text translated into English tightly, accurately, professionally and above all idiomatically in a way that would make sense to a native English speaker who is the ultimate target audience. 

Similarly, texts written in English and then rendered into Arabic can involve mistranslations that arise from the Arabic translator’s lack of understanding of different shades of meaning in the English language. 

So what is the solution? 

At Loghat Translation, we have adopted the safest operating model in order to ensure we provide our clients with translation from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic that is genuinely top quality, perfect and idiomatic. 

First of all, we believe that key to achieving this goal is the employment of bilingual Arabic-English translators who come from different backgrounds, countries, settings and have different accents and dialects of Arabic. 

The translator who is a native speaker of both Arabic and English is the ideal translator, in our view. 

Such translator will render a perfect English translation and a perfect Arabic translation, as long as they are experienced enough and have received the right training. 

A Morocco translator born and grew up in the UK, for instance, would be an ideal match for translations of Moroccan documents from Arabic into English or the other way. 

Such translator will have the right understanding, sense and context that will enable him or her to deliver a translation that is professional, natural and idiomatic. 

Proofreading and editing 

On top of that, once the translation has been delivered by the bilingual translator, we run it through a rigorous process of proofreading and editing by a native speaker of the target language. 

In the case of a translation from English into Arabic, an Arabic speaker proofreader would go through it before delivery to ensure and verify the translation was done to a high standard expected by the client. 

In the case of a translation from Arabic into English, an English speaker proofreader or editor would go through the document before deliver to ensure it was done as required up to the client’s expectation. 

Therefore, bilingual Arabic-English translators are key to deliver excellent Arabic translation services.