Expert Arabic/English translators

Loghat Arabic Translation employs only highly qualified bilingual translators with at least 10 years' experience in a specific area of Arabic to English translation.

All our translators also hold translation diplomas from the world's most prestigious universities and are members of professional translation societies and associations.

We strongly believe that the success of our business relies on the quality of our translators. For this reason, we take every care when we pick and recruit our translators.

Arabic is an extremely rich language, with multiple accents and local dialects spoken across many Arabic-speaking countries.

A single word in one Arab country could have a completely different meaning  in other countries, places, environments, or even within certain regions within the same country.

And as informal and colloquial language continues to creep into today‚Äôs written Arabic, even in formal contexts, this makes it more challenging to render an Arabic text into English, accurately, idiomatically, and above all correctly.  

For this reason, we have contracted expert translators and reviewers from different Arabic-speaking countries in order to ensure we get it all right.

This reassures us, as a business, and you as a client, that the right person is doing your  job.

A text written in a Lebanese accent will be assigned to a Lebanese translator, a text written in an Egyptian accent will be assigned to an Egyptian translator, and so on and so forth.

Most, if not all, Arabic translation services providers do not apply this policy. For this reason, you could end up with a complex text written originally in a Moroccan accent translated by a translator from Jordan, Egypt or Syria.

This will undoubtedly have an impact on the quality of the translation.

In addition to our country- and accent-dependent job allocation policy, we are extremely careful with the choice of our translators.

Below are the minimum requirements they must have in order to be able to join our team:

- Must be native speakers of the source language with an excellent command of the target language.

- Must hold 10 years' experience in their respective area of translation. 

- Must score at least %95 in carefully-set translation tests

- Must accept their performance to be regularly monitored and reviewed.

These strict criteria have enabled us to select the best linguists on the market, key to delivering quality English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation services.