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From our earliest days, we began to learn ways of expressing our deepest thoughts and feelings and how to respond to the thoughts and feelings of others. At first, we did this by simply laughing or smiling, but also, very early in our lives, we began to do this by listening to others and then speaking ourselves. Later this was followed by learning to read and write. Some of us may have been fortunate to be brought up in an environment where two languages were spoken, and consequently soon became bilingual, but others may have been brought up speaking only one language. Whichever of these applies, our language is our identity.


As life progressed, we may have acquired knowledge of other languages, particularly if we were required to learn them at school, whether we really wanted to or not. However, later in life, we may have faced a situation where it became more important to learn a new language. This may have been when we took our first holiday abroad, and we wanted to communicate better with the locals and also to show a genuine interest in the culture and the customs of the country or countries we visited.


In these days of international business and trading, many business people find themselves travelling round the world but cannot assume that others will speak their language, or may not have sufficient knowledge of the language to speak or write it confidently.  This could lead to misunderstandings in business consultations and possibly, even failure to succeed in a business deal. 


The process of learning a new language is not usually accomplished quickly; for example, imagine a monolingual English speaker learning Arabic and how long it may take to learn the Arabic language well enough to be able to write important business documents with confidence. The same can be true of a monolingual Arabic speaker learning English.  Additionally, the same is true of a post-graduate student wanting to obtain a successful outcome to a PhD study.


Therefore, you may have learned another language with sufficient confidence for daily basic conversation and writing, but for that special occasion where the success of your business deal or your education is vital, then it is highly recommended that you employ our services of our English-Arabic translators.


Arabic Translation Services