Arabic to English Translation - enjoyable art

To translate a text from Arabic to English is one of the most enjoyable, yet challenging, things to do.

It is a real fun to read and understand and then render a text from language to another, in this case from Arabic to English.

It is not only a job that one is paid for to do. It is a real art that one enjoys while doing.

This is because it is a kind of creating your own version of an original text, i.e your brainchild translation of the Arabic text.

What makes it more interesting to translate an Arabic text into English is the feeling that you are contributing to accumulated knowledge, cultural interaction, and helping to bridge gaps between nations and different civilisations and cultures.

When you translate an Arabic text to English and the end result is something that you feel proud of is indeed a happy and satisfying moment.


However fun and great joy it might be, translating from Arabic to English is probably one of the challenging jobs for any Arabic-English translator.

A lot of factors come into play when translating from Arabic into English. If the translator is not experienced enough or simply is not used to translating from Arabic to English, then it is becomes like Mission Impossible.

Translating an Arabic language text to English requires extensive knowledge and command of the English language (if you are not already a native speaker of both) and the cultural differences between the source and target languages.

This is if you, as a translator, want to produce a professionally translated text - not a literal or word for word translation of the original text.

If experienced enough, when you sail through the Arabic text rendering it into English is really an enjoyable moment because you will be feeling that you are building and constructing something from scratch - something that is your own.