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To a native English speaker, Arabic looks confusing because the script is different. While native monolingual English speakers may be able to read (but not understand) text in other Roman scripts such as French or German, they cannot read Arabic because the script is different. 

In the past few decades, the world has become a smaller place, some would say a global village. Opportunities for foreign travel and worldwide business and trade have never been greater. English is spoken as a native language in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA as well as in the UK. Arabic is spoken as a native language in a wide area of the world, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Many of the countries where Arabic is the native language are large producers of oil, much of which is exported to Western countries. This production accelerated throughout the twentieth century and continues to do so in the twenty-first century.  In view of this, many business and trade deals are conducted between Western counties and Arabic countries.

Most Arabic countries, where people follow the Islamic faith, have different business and financial rules and customs from those of the Western counties with whom they trade. In such a situation, there can easily be confusion and misunderstanding, particularly with regard to traders and business people with little experience of international and intercultural trade. Therefore, it is not just a matter of translating business documents between one language and another, but of understanding both Arabic and Western cultures between which business deals operate. This is important because in business, it is vital to build trust between business partners, even when the partners belong to different cultures. The stronger the trust, the more likely a business deal is to succeed. 

Since language is rooted in culture, accurate translation of documents related to intercultural trade is essential. Therefore, it is wise to engage the services of a good translator.


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